Our Company Values

Our Story

Who says women can’t have it all? Definitely not us!

Growing up we’ve watched out mothers be nurses, cooks, accountants, cleaners, gardeners, teachers and personal shoppers – that’s just within the four walls of the house. Apply these skills outside the home and you’ve got an unmatched Forbes list of CEOs.

Our Company Values

Making Women’s Business Ideas a Reality

With great appreciation for the women in our lives, who did it all so we could have it all, we want to pay it forward by helping other women make their mark in this world by being their own bosses. Our goal is simple – we want to see women make their dreams happen today by becoming successful entrepreneurs.

A Little More About Our Story

At Project W, we believe in equality, that women need to be equal partners in society.

We understand that gender inequality can be an impediment to economic growth and see the need to greatly increase economic participation of women for a more competitive economy. We also believe that it is imperative that men need to be a part of the solution to reach gender parity in all fields. Male allies who respect and appreciate their female teammates are important empowering agents in pushing forward gender equality. When we first started, our aim was to help women break the mould in a male driven, tech-dominant world. Then, we thought why stop there?

See Our Story

Women are natural born leaders. We are seeing it in every industry. But striking a work-life balance for every woman is key – that’s where we come in.

Sharmaine FooCEO, Project W

At Project W we believe women learn differently, they need to be supported in a different way. Women are more emotional learners; they need a more supportive and fostering environment, and need a great team rooting for them.

From our years of experience, we also understand that women do business differently. They think about things in a different way. Hence, we want to arm women with the right skills so they don’t have to compromise family responsibility and time, to be the best entrepreneurs they can.

Women, be your own boss – carve your own destiny!

As a social enterprise, Project W is committed to help develop women’s capacity to participate in the business world. We deliver CEO coaching, 120 hours of start-up evaluation and strategy sessions with personal attention. Our successful curriculum includes acquiring knowledge and building funding strategy, creating and managing leads, as well as ongoing personal introductions and networking.

We help women gain access to a prestigious network of expertise in Asia, join a lifelong start-up community and build an intimate support group.

Women, be your own boss – carve your own destiny! We want to someday be able to hear Your Success Story.